Paul Petersen Story

20 years of doing good

For twenty years, Paul facilitated the legally approved adoptions of five hundred children into homes with parents who wanted them, who would give them the support and love that every child needs and deserves. 


So how is it possible that directing such a noble endeavor could result in confiscation of Paul’s assets, including his home and life savings, as well as prosecution and a prison sentence?  


Why should we as taxpayers be forced to pay hundreds of thousands, potentially up to one million dollars to prosecute and incarcerate a person who was doing such good? Paul has reimbursed the $700,000 that the State of Arizona wrongfully claims he defrauded the AHCCCS fund. 

The only victims are Paul, his family, and the taxpayers.

The Answers To These Questions


The answer to these questions lies in the examples given both in the writings and speeches of Sidney Powell. She has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals. It was from her experiences that she felt compelled to write LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice , and The Conviction Machine, after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison. 

The contents of this website will tell you the truth about:

The blessings that came from the 500 adoptions over 20 years

Legal wrongdoings

  • Intimidation
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Enhanced Sentencing
  • Inflating Costs


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This picture was taken 3 years ago at one of the many adoption reunions arranged by grateful Moms and Dads.                       

The closer you look at the faces of these beautiful children, the better you will understand the “Good” Paul was doing. A statement made by a faith leader moves us like we hope it does you. “Only if you can see the “good” in others are you pure in heart.”

– Patti and David Petersen

ADOPTIONS became a mission in Paul's Life 

Since 2000, adoptions were a life’s mission for Paul. Honoring a couples wishes to raise a child they could call their own brought him great joy.

Over 500 successful adoptions

1,000 Fathers and Mothers blessed ​

1,000s of brothers and sisters blessed​

2,000 or so Grandparents Blessed

Many thousands of uncles, aunts, cousins and other family and friends blessed through open adoptions facilitated by Paul. ​

Babies are pure joy

Adoption Stories

Here are a few short stories written about the blessings of adoptions Paul was able to facilitate. We could provide you 500 more!


Below is the rest of the story and the prosecutorial abuses that have been heaped on Paul to crush him.
Nationally acclaimed Criminal Defense Expert and author of two bestselling books, Licensed to Lie and Conviction Machine, Sidney Powell details how many American Citizens, like our son Paul have been crushed by overzealous prosecutors who are seeking convictions rather than seeking justice. In her own words.. at least 10% of our 2 Million men and women in prison today are either totally innocent or were wrongly convicted. That’s an appalling 200,000 men and women . The “rule of law” is being trampled.

Click to see her bio and to find out why many are calling her a “hero” for shedding a light about the dangerous practices of our Criminal Justice System.

For the past 20 years, our criminal justice system has dangerously weakened our nation’s “rule of law.”

This can happen to anyone

Read the stories by Rachel Alexander, Former Deputy County Attorney/Special Assistant for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arizona.

What can be done?

If this were your loved one, what would you do? 

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What about Paul’s Defense Costs? What is still needed? 

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for those who have donated to Paul’s defense. Paul’s plea has significantly reduced his defense costs by eliminating three jury trials in three states.   However, he still has significant legal fees and costs remaining to be paid to get him to the finish line with his sentencing in three states. These fees include attorneys’ fees, sentencing expert costs and fees, and travel costs to Arkansas and Utah for sentencing; he believes he still has at least another $200k in legal fees and costs still to be paid.

We are more than grateful for all your support and hope others will help us to reach this goal. If you are able, please consider helping Paul and his family. All donations, regardless of amount, will be gratefully received. 

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One final note

We’re doing everything we can to see to it that Paul has the best legal representation possible. We know you would do the same, and we’ll be there for you, if you need us. That’s what friends do.  We hope you will reach out if you have any questions, need clarification, or want to pray with us. Call or email us [email protected] or 480-694-2470. 

Again, emphasizing Sidney Powell’s statement as to the crushing effects of prosecutorial abuse on an individual, on families, and on society as a whole:

“ If you have not had the unfortunate position to have the entire might of the Federal prosecutors focused against you to literally crush you, you cannot begin to comprehend what it looks like for those who are.”  Paul has the added abuses from two State Attorneys General and their well-funded — at taxpayer’s expense — prosecutors too!  

“What happened to the defendants in this book can happen to anyone.” Sidney Powell

– Edmund Burke, British Philosopher and supporter of the American Colonies

Our sincere gratitude and love-- David and Patti

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Help for Paul

We are so grateful to have such incredible support, and to be so near achieving our goal of helping Paul, because of you.  We wanted to update you on Paul’s case, and share some of what we have learned through this terrible abuse of our legal system, as we thought it would shock you as it has us.


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