We have been blessed to adopt 3 of our 5 children. Paul was our lawyer for the adoption of our 2 sons. His adoption services were an answer to our sincerest prayers and desires as a family. Each time we experienced nothing but genuine support and devotion in Paul’s efforts to create families through adoption. One of our adoptions was a tribal adoption, and Paul was upfront and honest that he had not done a tribal adoption before, and he made sure he reached out to experienced tribal lawyers in Arizona to be sure that he upheld the law in finalizing our adoption. Our son has Down syndrome and was in the hospital for heart failure awaiting surgery when his birth mother placed him for adoption with our family. We love her dearly for her courage and trust in us. The blessing of adoption not only filled our arms and home with our amazing son, but very well saved his life.

We have been in the adoption community for 13 years, and Paul’s name and services were always highly valued among those familiar with adoption and its many legal and financial complexities. Though our words may fall short of the depth of our gratitude, we are truly GRATEFUL for his professional services, and for the goodness of his heart bringing a better life to children that would not have had the life they have in their adoptive families. We also witnessed Paul’s efforts to keep an open community for the families he served and the birth parents. We have 3 open adoptions and know that they yield beautiful blessings of healing and hope for the birth parents, along with understanding for the children. We stand certain that our family, though uniquely formed by the blessing of adoption, was divinely led to be. We also feel certain that others feel just as blessed and have Paul to thank for the joy in family life they now hold.

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