Mike and I met in the spring of 2001 and were married only 6 short months later. Over the next 8 years we were blessed with 4 beautiful children.  After my 9th miscarriage we knew that we needed to stop trying to have more kids. But I just knew in my heart that there were two more kids still meant to be part of our lives.  I wondered if somehow my body would heal itself and we would eventually bring the last two into our home.    

But God had a different plan and opened our eyes to that idea, when he helped us realize that we would adopt someday. We began our journey of adoption in January of 2014.  Three years later we met our daughter Miley when she was born January 6th, 2017. A few short months later the birth mom contacted us again and informed us that she was pregnant and asked if we wanted to adopt Miley’s sibling.  We couldn’t believe it.   

Kaylee was born December 13th, 2017. Yes! We were blessed with two beautiful little girls born in the same year. Kaylee unfortunately spent 13 days in the NICU because of a liver condition.  Kaylee has been healed and is doing amazing! 

These girls have melted our hearts and filled our lives with immeasurable joy. The minute they were brought home all of our children fell in love with them and have loved watching them grow up.  Every little milestone has been a joy to watch.  We wanted to adopt and now we have Miley AND Kaylee.”  It makes us so happy to see the joy that they have brought into our other children’s lives.   

None of this would have been possible without our adoption attorney, Paul Petersen. We cannot thank Paul enough for making it possible for our girls to be in our lives. Our hearts have broken for Paul and his family to see him be vilified by the media and unfairly attacked by political interests.  In our view, Paul has always acted in the best interests of both the adoptive family and those placing for adoption. 

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